Who we are

Have you ever wondered why its hard to solve a Rubik cube? It actually isn't, if you know how to approach it or have learnt how to solve it. The name RubikX is inspired by the name Rubik in that we are are a team of passionate and customer focused individuals who know how to solve complex problems and with an X-Factor. Hence, the name RubikX.

RubikX Webstores is an eCommerce platform tailored for the Promotional Products Industry Learn more where we strive to provide end-to-end seamless user experience for everyone involved. 


We believe in lean and agile methodologies and are distributed across the globe to bring the best and brightest of talented individuals working efficiently. Our unique approach to product development sets us apart and allows us to deliver tailored functionality at a record pace.



Promotional products industry which is about branded merchandising has a huge eCommerce component.

Version 1

Few early adopters helped shape up the product roadmap and we launched our platform.

Version 2

Supplier and Vendor integrations using Promo Standards APIs helped streamline end-to-end product setup and real-time ordering enabling seamless user experience.

Version 3

We continue to expand integration capabilities with 3rd party systems such as Net Suite, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Ship Station and Footprint.